Nature Collection

Snow Selenite Specimen on Lucite Base

7.7" w, 5.5" d, 10.5" h



Pair of Polished Peanut Wood Pieces

Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia

Cretaceous Period, 120 Million Years Ago

Pair of Large Goniatite Fossils on Lucite Bases

Devonian Period, 400 Million Years Old

Labradorite Specimen on Lucite Base

8" w, 11.5" h



Amethyst Cluster with Calcite on Lucite Base

10" w, 6.5" d, 6.5" h



Starfish Fossil on Lucite Easel

7.5" w, 6" h



Ordovician Period, 450 to 490 Million Years Ago

Pair of Pecten Fossils on Lucite Bases

South of France, 25 Million Years Old


Large Opaque Agate Slices on Lucite Bases

Rio Grand do Sul, Brazil

25" Tall

Polished Prehnite End on Lucite Base

Wave Hill, Austrailia Northern Territory

Black Ammonite on Lucite Base

Huanzala, Peru

Cretaceous Period, 100 Million Years Ago

Large Slab of Rare Stromatolite on Lucite Base

Pilbara Region of Western Australia

Proterozoic Period, 2 Billion Years Ago

Polished Mookaite Slice on Lucite Easel

Carnarvon, Western Australia